Great Singaporean

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Went to Temasek in Parramatta last weekend. Was craving cendol (crushed ice, coconut milk, red beans, little green jelly worms made from rice and pandan colouring) and laksa, the kind you get in Singapore. I wasn't disappointed. The laska was so tasty and extremely hot, with obviously homemade laksa paste and lots of prawns. The food here is really excellent. The cendol took me back to balmy evenings in Singapore, when we used to go their on School holidays.

I only wish I could find a place somewhere in Sydney that makes it's own malaysian style roti (beautiful stretchy, chewy, flaky pan fried bread)...That's it. There's my next challenge :)

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  1. Found great handmade roti at Mamak, a small malay restaurant in Chinatown Sydney. Mission accomplished!


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